Hello.  👋
I'm Bernard.

Interested in embedded devices.

Undergraduate @ UC Berkeley, Class of 2021
Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences


Heyo. I'm Bernard. I'm studying electrical engineering and computer sciences (EECS) at UC Berkeley. I'm especially interested in exploring embedded devices. Computer security is also pretty rad (bonus for the two combined, i.e. IoT devices).

When I'm not working or sleeping, you can find me at indie concerts, trying to complete Celeste on the Nintendo Switch, adventuring outdoors, or slacklining under the Campanile at Berkeley. I also really enjoy geocaching, bowling, and playing pool!

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  • Computer Architecture (CS 152) — in progress
  • Digital System Design and Integrated Circuits, FPGA (EECS 151) — in progress
  • Operating Systems (CS 162)
  • Robotics (EECS 106A)
  • Programming Languages and Compilers (CS 164)
  • Embedded Systems (EECS 149)
  • Computer Security (CS 161)
  • Algorithms and CS Theory (CS 170)
  • Signals and Systems (EE 120)
  • Social Implications of Computer Technology (CS 195)
  • Discrete Math and Probability Theory (CS 70)
  • Machine Structures (CS 61C)
  • Data Structures (CS 61B)
  • Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs (CS 61A)
  • Information Devices and Systems I/II (EE 16A/EE 16B)



Embedded Software Engineering Intern (System Debug Team)

Supported debug efforts for HW, SoC, and SW system issues across Apple products in low level bootloader/driver/firmware/OS environments.


Embedded Software Engineering Intern

Integrated Houndify voice AI and wake phrase detection with Nanoleaf Light panels and profiled real-time wake phrase detection software.

More about my experience at SoundHound


Software Engineering Intern

Helped develop Radon, a large-scale distributed key-value store for low latency operations, and wrote CLI tools for monitoring datasets and performance testing. Also worked on the Java wrapper for the Radon/Helium APIs.



Non-intrusive bicycle brake and turn lighting, 'blind-spot' detection, customizable and configurable iOS application. Built with nRF52 microcontroller and 'Berkeley Buckler' development board. Responsible for Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) components including BLE buttons and turn signals and BLE client nRF code for iOS app.


A hybrid puzzle-platformer game created with GDScript in Godot Engine in a month. Built for GitHub GameOff 2018. Implements unique game mechanics such as "dimension switching," wall jumps, dashes, and other stage hazards.

Play the web version.

Note: the web version is buggy. Most noticeably, the music will glitch when transitioning scenes and the dimensions don't scale properly. I'd recommend following the link to our itch.io page and downloading your platform's executable.

Malaria Diagnostic Device

Armani Research Lab, Viterbi School of Engineering
University of Southern California, Prof. Andrea M. Armani

A novel malaria diagnostic device using magneto-optical spectroscopy. I conducted proof-of-concept experiments in different solutions with magnetic nanoparticles, simulating early-stage malaria, and analyzed light transmission data.